Which field is ripe for disruption?

How do we build a lovin community in that area?

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The people we support through each of our communities are all in some way serving as channels for healing and transformation.
Learn about the Lovin Coin and how you can take part in this new Lovin sharing economy.
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Lovin Community is about deepening friendships, about crafting meaningful communities and elevating consciousness everywhere we go.
In the process, we affect the lives of countless people who come to rely on Lovin Community for their improved lives.
Get a closer look at our people and see what you are supporting by feeding energy into this network.
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Want to get a closer look at how each of our communities is doing?
How successful are the projects undertaken by a particular community?
What are the vital statistics and how healthy is each community?
What are the current challenges, and which milestones are most inspiring?
How can you turn up the dial for an initiative you care about?
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We have some incredible initiatives in the works.
What would you most like to see be made into a reality?
Come learn about our latest partnerships and growth opportunities.

What we
work towards

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Get the inside scoop

This is the exclusive home for Lovin Community's board members and advisors, funders and investors, mentors and partners. There are exciting things happening under the hood, and we count on you to help us make our dreams into a reality. Stay up to date on our current opportunities and challenges, our growth metrics and engagement statistics, the financial health of each community and our progress in fulfilling some truly bold objectives. It really takes a village, but just seeing the early results of our labor makes it oh so worth it.

Great ideas

Help shape our future

What would you like to see from a network of communities focused on healing and transformation? If you're here it's because you are aligned in heart and mind with our mission, and you also offer invaluable support and insights helping to pave our path forward. The more earnest conversations we can have and the more contributions we get from you about what you envision for this truly unique platform, the faster we will mature as an organization and anchor this incredible new paradigm we are calling forth.

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New initiatives and sources of support

Which avenues have we not explored? What partnerships and sources of funding and growth should we consider next? Which entrepreneurial endeavors would you love to jump into? As you well know, everything is possible when we have the resources and will to get it done. And thinking more broadly, what does the world really need right now? Which broad trends are changing the nature of the game, and could impact Lovin Community, for better or for worse? What's the big new frontier you see us traversing to reach a new level of growth, impact and reach?

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